We are channel experts.



For the past several years (since 2012, actually), channelXperts specialized in developing and running successful partner programs for high-tech companies who wanted to expand into new regional or vertical markets through indirect sales channels. The channelXperts team has many years of operational and strategic channel development and channel management experience. All of our people have previously worked in corporate roles and have learned the channel business from scratch.

“Henry Ford said, ‘Save ten steps a day for each of twelve-thousand employees and you will have saved fifty miles of wasted motion and misspent energy.’ Take his words and translate them into the digital world and imagine what you’ll gain when you successfully automate your sales channels.
 That’s the beauty of Channel 4.0.”


By representing numerous companies as they expanded into new channels in Europe, we got to experience the many different demands that companies place on PRM solutions. We also got to experience what wasn't there..comprehensive Learning Management solutions, Cloud Services Delivery and a Partner Collaboration platform.

The day-to-day work of developing sales channels, winning partners and educating them is a valuable, irreplaceable asset for every vendor. It consists of clearly definable processes that can greatly benefit from automation, tracking and consistent messaging. A well managed channel leverages the sales team and helps vendors grow in vertical and horizontal markets normally beyond their reach.

Knowing the needs of the channel with body and soul and fully understanding the demands and deficiencies of PRM systems, we put our channel experts hats on to create ChannelOS, which is the most affordable, most complete and most compelling Channel Sales and Marketing Platform on the market today, packed in easy to digest modules and available as an SaaS solution. In fact, it's more than a platform; It's an engine. One that you can crank up and then watch it do it's magic. All that's left is for you to achieve unparalleled heights in channel sales and marketing.

Your main contacts to our team


Karl-Martin Haaf

General Manager - Europe

Karl has 30 years experience in Channel Sales and Marketing. He was the former Director of Channel & Alliances for HP Software Germany Previously, Karl served as the head of Channel Sales and Marketing for Matrix42 EMEA When he takes a break from his channel sales mission, you may find Karl-Martin on the golf course or in a remote spot somewhere on this planet.

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